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Primetech PDR will help you get back on the road in style. If your vehicle has door dings, our PDR technicians can make them disappear within a few hours. You can come to our shop and we will give you a detailed review and estimate of the damage. If you are too busy, we can come to your work or at your home!


Primetech PDR operates in the Sacramento, Davis, and Woodland areas. We are professional PDR technicians who can help you repair dents, door dings, creases, bumps and hail damage at an economical price. We ensure high quality repairs and can remove any damage without using paint or bondo (except for situations where the paint is chipped, torn off etc.). We offer in-shop dent removal, Mobile dent removal and hail chasing services. 


Dents, creases, door dings, bumps, and hail damage can be difficult to repair because of the odd locations of the damage. Moreover, many vehicle owners do not have the time to leave their vehicle at a repair shop for a few days just to get a few dents out. We at Primetech PDR excel in delivering high-quality repairs within a few hours and at an economical price. We provide in-shop dent removal, mobile dent removal, and hail chasing services throughout the Sacramento, Davis, and Woodland areas.


PDR is a great repair method because it is inexpensive and quicker when compared with traditional repair. Many of the repairs take only a few hours while the same repairs done at a body shop could take days. The cost is another factor and the reason why many vehicle owners choose PDR over conventional repair. PDR can cost 4-6 times less than conventional repair.


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